Walthers Layout Controll System - all scales

Walthers Layout Control System

All scale Z, N, H0, S and O.
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° Low-cost solution for easy turnout control in Z, N, HO, S, and O Scales!
° Expandable at any time – grows with your layout
° Use with DCC- or DC-powered layouts ? includes built-in DCC accessory decoder
° Plug & play RC servo-style wiring with connectors ? no cutting or soldering needed!
° User-friendly instructions with illustrations & drilling templates simplify installation & operation
° Mix & match components to customize your system using:
Servo-based slow-motion Switch Unit
Power Distribution Block
LED panel indicator/control pushbutton switches
Add-on system cabling [Connecting Cable 942-112 pkg(5), Extension Cable 942-113 pkg(5)]
3-Piece Drill Set
2 Amp Power Supply