Arrowhead H0

At Arrowhead Models, we view our work as an act of preservation. The Arrowhead brand is crafted to be reminiscent of the storied place railroads have in American history.
Many view railroads as among the most creative forces in industrial design. Frequently, railroad marketing departments created identities that appealed to the iconography of the vast western frontier. Flagship brands were named or inspired by the American west and its Native American heritage. Arrowhead Model’s identity pays homage to the better part of this heritage through the name and brand image we created for ourselves.

70t Committee Design Hopper features:

Pennsylvania paint scheme is available in 48 road numbers!
Rio Grande paint scheme is available in 24 road numbers!
Southern paint scheme is available in 12 road numbers!

Prototype specific details:
4-piece 1955 Ajax or 3-piece 1942 Miner hand brakes
2-piece Keystone Monoloc hopper door locks or 3-piece Wine double door locks
Keystone or Wine hopper frames
Keystone or Wine gate doors
End sheet or center sill release valve mounting locations
Riveted or welded superior bolster plate
Two underframes to account for variations with: slack adjuster locations, variations in brake road and
brake road hanger locations and a compliment of four accurate brake levers.
ASF solid bearing or ASF 70-ton roller bearing trucks
Pullman-Standard or Bethlehem Car Co. styles of defect card holder
Top chord stiffner detail for Bethlehem Car Co. version
Pullman-Standard or Bethlehem variations of retaining valve rods and release valve lines

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