Athearn Genesis 2.0

Union Pacific DDA40X FEATURES:
• Era-appropriate horns and locations per prototype
• New LED lighting, including ground effect and class lights
• Functioning beacons (where appropriate)
• New rubber MU hoses
• Lit number boards
• Etched see-through ladder steps
• Two premium Genesis motors for unparalleled tractive effort
• Sound models equipped with dual cube speakers
• 16-wheel eletrical pickup and drive

• #6905 & 6910 Early anti-climbers and electrical cabinets, smoke lifters, three-line shield with full ‘Union Pacific Railroad’ text
• #6911 & 6907 Patched logo, early anti-climbers, early electrical cabinets
• #6927 & 6943 Late anti-climbers, late electrical cabinets, beacon, cab-mounted horns, two-line UP shield.
• #6918 Cab-mounted dual strobe lights, two-line UP shield, late anti-climbers, early electrical cabinets
• #6924 Air raid siren, cab-mounted beacon, late anti-climbers, early electrical cabinet
• #6936 Union Pacific preserved heritage service unit, ditch lights, yellow frame stripe, cab-mounted strobe, late anti-climbers, late electrical cabinet

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