Athearn Genesis Line H0

•  Era: 1969 – present

•  Seperately-applied wire grab irons

•  See-Trough dynamic brake intaces with grid details

•  Etched windshield wipers

•  Etched, see-through walkways above fuel tank

•  16-wheel pickup and drive

•  Celcon handrails

•  Detailed cab interior

•  Etched radiator and dynamic brake fan grills

•  Numerous underframe details and plumbing

•  Dual motors with flywheels

•  Non-sound units are DCC ready using Quick Plug technology (two decoders are needed per locomotive)

•  Dual decoders and speakers in sound-equipped versions

•  Sound versions feature dual Soundtraxx Tsunami decoders, with authentic DD40AX sounds recorded from UP #6936

•  Prototype-specific details per phase and era, including

      •  Anticlimbers

      •  Cab sub-base doors

      •  Horns

      •  Rooftop details

      •  Electrical cabinet doors

      •  Handrails (with or without ACI placards, solid or chain end rails)

      •  Truck sideframe roller bearings

      •  Warning lights

      •  Cab sunshades or awnings

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