ACF 5250 Cov. Hopper H0

Atlas H0

ACF introduced the 5250 cubic foot size covered hopper in 1964, and has since built nearly 20,000 cars. Most of the cars were equipped with pneumatic outlets and eight 20” round hatches for use in transporting plastic pellets. In addition to the plastics cars, a number have been built or converted with gravity outlets and elongated hatches for grain type products. As with most things with long production spans, the design has evolved with changes in the physical features of the body and fixtures. The Atlas model features three unique body style variations to represent those changes from the 1960s into the
21st Century.

• Ready to run
• Injection molded plastic
• Fine scale detail
• Etched metal roof walk
• Metal knuckle couplers
• Road specific hatch and outlet configurations
• Road specific roof walk variations
• Three body style variations
• Separately applied wire grab irons and wire brake lines
• Crisp painting/printing
• Free-rolling 100-ton trucks

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