GMD SD40 – The Canadian EMD Version.

GMD Steps, 2 winterization hatches, Snow shields, Dynamic and non dynamic,
3 radiator grills, 5″ Sill, Offset Sill, Anti-climbers, Standard blower housing,
Angled blower housing, Dofasco Trucks Frames, Rock Pilot, Snow plows,
Safety handrail on decks, Drop Steps, 3 different rear hood Ends,
All weather windows, Air Hoses, Various MU stands. MU Hoses, Sun Shades,
Cab window drip Strip, Flywheels, Can Motor, RP25 flange,
Kadee® couplers, Wind Shield wipers, Cab interior, Operating class lights – individually controlled,
1, 2, & 3 Class light configurations, Lighted Number Boards, Headlights, Operating ditch lights,
ESU LokSelect Sound, DC versions had 21 pin plug, 81″ Nose length, 102` Nose Length,
Standard Fans, “Q” Fans, Exhaust Silencer, Roof Cooling Pipes, Add on rerailers, 
Spare knuckle holders, Round & Square Sand filler hatches, Several Battery box variations,
4 fuel tanks, “Locotrol” and Radio antenna, 2 variations Dynamic brake Blister,
10 main body styles, Metal grab Irons, Brass bell and brackets, Brass horn – locations vary,
Window Glass

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