GSC Heavy Duty Flatcar H0

Class One Model Works H0

Model Features:
° Complete Interior and Exterior Brake Systems
Unique to these cars is the installation of the dual-end baking system components fully sandwiched within the frame of the car casting with the exception of the hand brakes, the main air line and the brake system balancing lines which were required to run exterior to the lower deck. These details will be highly visible, especially on the cars with etched metal grating on the upper decks.

° Sharp And Accurate Paint And Lettering provides accurate paint and lettering taken from photographs of the prototype, and numbering that matches the class numbers for each railroad. Our cars come with colors matched to the prototype from actual paint chips, drift cards, and historical society-provided information. Lettering matches that photographed on prototype cars, even for re-paints.

° Accurately Dimensioned
These cars have been accurately reproduced from original blueprints of the actual cars, and from data/dimensions provided by historical societies right down to every visible detail and even the brake system within the car body. stands for accuracy and we strive to provide that with every model we produce.

° Railroad-Specific Body and Deck Treatment believes in providing models that accurately depict the prototype equipment. Keeping that as our core, we are proud to provide multiple body styles that are accurate for each road’s style and placement of jacking pads, as well as to provide both wood-covered upper decks, and open upper decks with grating filling the casting holes.

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