4-6-4 Royal Hudson H0

Rapido Trains H0

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Model Features
° Designed from blueprints and field measurements
° Factory-applied details specific for each road number
° Three stack styles ? streamlined, straight or bathtub
° One stack installed but both others included in the box for modelling specific years 
° Additional optional parts included in the box
° Smooth-running drive with strong pulling power
° Heavy diecast weight centred above drivers
° Blackened metal wheels and driving rods
° Correct tenders for either coal, oil, or oil-fired conversions
° Correct tender trucks (Commonwealth or Buckeye)
° Working head, marker, classification and back up lights*
° Interior cab light, flickering firebox light*
° DCC sound version includes synchronized chuff, accurate whistle, bell air, pump, generator, safety valves and many other effects!**
° Accurate and complete piping, underbody and tender details
° Accurate paint and decoration
° Beaver logo printed on the cab side with “Spans the World” decal included in the box
° Unnumbered locomotives include all possible number decals
° 18″ Minimum radius (22″ recommended) 
* Not all lighting effects available on Silent versions.
** User-controlled sound features only accessible on DCC layouts.

The Canadian Pacific Railway’s Royal Hudson has been rightly described as one of the most successful locomotive designs of all time. These sleek machines were perhaps Canadian Pacific’s most well know and visually impressive steam locomotives and this, together with their dependable performance over extraordinary distances, has ensured a lasting regard for these locomotives. Thanks to their smooth operating characteristics, engine crews considered these engines the most popular steam power the CPR ever had. To many railfans, the Royal Hudsons (along with the Selkirks) were a fitting closure to CP’s long and glorious steam era.

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