ALCo PA-1 & PB-1 H0

Rapido H0

Rapido’s all-new HO scale model will be the first mass-produced plastic HO scale model of the PA series to feature completely accurate contours and road-specific details. Carbody contours have been generated using a 3-D laser scan of Doyle McCormack’s preserved unit. Both PA-1/PB-1 and PA-2/PB-2 variants will be offered.

Our first run of HO Scale Alco PA models feature:
° Correct nose and roof profiles 3D-scanned from the prototype
° Loads of roadname-specific details
° A units and A-B sets available
° Dynamic or non-dynamic brake versions, where appropriate
° Full underbody piping and conduit
° Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
° Etched-metal grilles, where appropriate
° Lit number boards, headlights and green and white class lights
° Lit control stands and full cab interior
° Operating Gyralite or red Mars light, where appropriate
° Rapido’s proven drive system adapted from the FA-2
° DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound options
° Now with a TCS Sound Decoder featuring Rapido’s exclusive Alco 244 sounds, programmed to operate seamlessly with Rapido’s other sound-equipped locomotives.

The Alco PA and PB will feature all-new exclusive TCS sound decoders featuring Rapido’s own Alco 244 recordings. These decoders are being customized for Rapido to be fully compatible with our proven range of ESU LokSound decoders, and they feature phenomenal motor and slow speed control.

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