Budd (HEP) Gallery Commuter H0

Rapido Trains H0

Each Rapido ‘Gallery’ Commuter Car features:
• Designed from original blueprints, design drawings and field measurements.
• Track-powered flicker-free interior lighting compatible with DC and DCC layouts.
• Free-rolling, highly-detailed trucks with metal wheelsets.
• Minimum 22” radius curves recommended.
• Full underbody including HEP conduit and equipment.
• Complete interior including actual “gallery” seating.
• Accurate painting and lettering, both inside and out.
• Correctly-colored tinted windows.
• Metal side grab irons and sprung diaphragms.
• Constant flicker-free interior lighting in both DC and DCC.
• Controllable cab car lighting in both DC and DCC, including headlights, marker lights, as well as ditch lights and strobe lights (when applicable)

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