NH County Car H0

Rapido H0

Rapido’s HO scale model covers these cars in both the original baggage variation and the later rebuilt cars. We offer both the original baggage and the later rebuilt bodies and full interior details for each style. Multiple interior parts allow modelers to customize the interior parlor seat arrangements to match specific cars.

Our model features:
° Accurately designed from original blueprints
° Both original and rebuilt body styles
° Correct tubular cross section
° Rapido’s renowned stainless steel finish
° Partial skirting or no skirting as appropriate for each scheme
° Full and correct interior details with extra optional parts
° Track-powered constant lighting for DC and DCC
° Full underbody details
° Operating diaphragms with end gates
° Separate grab irons, factory-installed
° 41-NBO trucks with blackened metal wheels
° 22” minimum radius (18” radius with modification)
° Macdonald-Cartier metal magnetic knuckle couplers

Please note: Items 134008 – 134014 (not listed in here) are only available direct at the NHRTA.

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