UP Water Tender H0

ScaleTrains H0

Rivet Counter Series

ScaleTrains liefert nur bedingt an Haendler ausserhalb der USA.

Die Konditionen sind – beim aktuellen Wechselkurs – freilich katastrophal.
Fracht, Steuern, Abgaben, Gebuehren & Zoelle “erschweren” den Import zudem.
Wir bieten diese Modelle aus Ueberzeugung und auf Wunsch vieler Kunden dennoch an!
Product Description
Road Number Specific ScaleTrains

  • All-new model
  • #809 American flag printed on separate photo-etched metal placard
  • Roof equipment boxes and water plumbing details.
  • Different weld seam locations and riveted end access plates for each tender
  • Commonwealth 3-axle trucks with rotating bearing caps
  • 24,000-gallon capacity
  • Non-insulated
  • Intricate electrical and water plumbing
  • Brake beam
  • Handbrake housing with finely detailed wheel and chain
  • Underbody brake details and plumbing
  • Durable body-mounted metal semi-scale Type E knuckle couplers
  • 36″ machined metal wheels
  • Directional lighting
  • Truck chains available separately – requires minimum 22″ radius curve
  • Minimum radius: 18″


“Jim Adams” UPP #809 Era: 2008 to present
“Joe Jordan” UPP #814 Era: 2006 to present


All Rivet Counter Cars Features

  • Fully-assembled
  • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors
  • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
  • Accurately profiled .110″ wide wheel tread
  • Coupler cut levers
  • Trainline hoses
  • Intricate brake plumbing
  • Weighted to Industry standards
  • Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
  • Packaging safely stores model