UP BigBlow Turbine H0 - Museums Edition

Product Description

Illinois Railway Museum Edition
Thank you for helping preserve America´s railroading heritage. $50 from the sale of this model will be directed to the
Illinois Railway Museum at Union, IL for continued upkeep of Union Pacific #18

Era: late 1960s to today

A-Control Unit

> H – I dynamic brake housing configuration
> Extended fuel tank retrofit
> Modified radiators
> Air intake scoops
> Nose grab iron ladder
> Operating cab doors with separate door handles
> Separate rubber Multiple Unit (MU) and electrical bus connections between the A and B units
> Separate rubber water hoses between the A and B unit
> Radiator mounted Leslie S-5T-R Air Horn
> Square base whip antenna
> SKF and Timken bearings
> Speed recorders

B-Turbine Unit

> Sliding engine compartment side doors
> Detailed interior with turbine visible inside
> Spinning turbine fan blade visible inside exhaust
> Dynavane intake housing
> I – I dynamic brake housing configuration
> Blanked intake door panels and forward intakes
> Rear MU connections
> Timken bearings
> Speed recorder

24C Fuel Tender

> 24,000-gallon capacity
> Welded seams
> Insulated
> Commonwealth 6-axle trucks


> Curve squeal and frog clank sounds*
> A-unit prime mover sound
> B-unit turbine sound


> Control panel
> Selectable white, red, and green class lights
> Engineer side ground light
> A-unit rear walkway light
> Cab interior
> Directional

Standard Museum Quality Locomotive Features

> Premium leather case
> Fully assembled
> Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors for easy touch-ups
> ESU-LokSound DCC and sound equipped
> LED lighting
> Lighted number boards
> Coupler cut levers
> Wire grab irons
> Windshield wipers
> Cab interior
> Durable body-mounted metal semi-scale Type E knuckle couplers
> All-wheel drive
> All-wheel electrical pickup
> Operate using DC and DCC
> Minimum radius: 18″ without water and electrical bus connections attached
> Recommended radius: 22″

*Some sound and lighting functions are only operable using DCC