PC-90 Piggy-Packer H0

Wheels of Time H0


  • Positional boom rises, lowers and holds in place.
  • Far side arm rotates up to clear top of trailer or container
  • Near side arm extends and retracts in two positions **
  • Powerful magnets located under lift for “top” lifting of containers
  • Thin-wall cab design
  • Steering wheel and mock-up control panel **
  • Amber clear warning light (non-working)
  • Scaled diameter railings and see-through walkway
  • Weighted to prevent tipping of tractor when lifting a trailer
  • Rubber tires
  • Optional bumper depending on prototype
  • Optional catwalk over right front tire, depending on prototype
  • Optional railing and ladder on lift, depending on prototype
  • Optional container-only spreader available separately and put into place

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