31000gl Tankcar N

Atlas N

Built by the thousands from 2012, the TrinityRail® 31K Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars are a prominent part of crude oil shipments across North America. With recent developments in oil extraction, mile-long unit trains of these duty-specific cars – complete with visually unique ‘end shields’ – are running to nearly all corners of the country. With oil demand and output at all-time high levels, thousands of these cars have been built in over eight reporting marks, with much more to come.

• Ready-To-Run
• Fine-Scale Detail
• Separate Brake Detail
• Accurately Painted/Printed
• Prototypical Ride Height
• Minimum Radius 12 ½”
• BLMA 100-Ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
• BLMA 36” Metal Wheels
• Body-Mounted Brown Knuckle Couplers

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