Rapido N

Model Features
•First ever accurate N scale FP9A made in plastic
•Unique CN & CP variations
•Super-detailed, including roof-mounted cooling coils, separate air hoses, and separate grab irons and handrails
•Working headlight, rear headlight and number boards
•Working rooftop Gyralite and ditch lights (where appropriate)
•CP models include dynamic brakes, vertical slit grilles, frame-mounted water tank, and etched metal icicle breakers
•CN versions include both C/D class (36” radiator fans) and E class (48” radiator fans) versions.
•CN versions include frame-mounted rerailers, rooftop bell, Farr grilles and CN style steam generator.
•Sound models include accurate 567C prime mover sounds recorded by Rapido from a real FP9A locomotive under load

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