TurboTrain N

Rapido N

unique model features:

  • – Accurate dimensions scaled from
    original blueprints
  • – Two powered Power Dome Cars with
    smooth, reliable drive systems
  • – Articulated single-axle trucks
    with needlepoint axles
  • – Full interior detail with
    interior lighting
  • – Different Canadian and American
    versions with accurate details
  • – All wheels pick up power for
    electrical reliability
  • – Working headlights, tail lights,
    and Gyralites
  • – Prototypically-tinted windows
  • – CN and VIA customers can add a
    four-pack of Intermediate Cars to complete their trains
  • – Sound-equipped models feature a
    sound decoder and sugar cube speaker in each Power Dome Car
  • – Sounds are accurate Turbo sounds
    sourced from original Betamax video recordings
  • – Sound decoders are custom ESU LokSound with amazing sound quality.

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