PS-2 4785 Cov. Hopper N

ScaleTrains N

ScaleTrains liefert nur bedingt an Haendler ausserhalb der USA.
Die Konditionen sind bescheiden, die Verfuegbarkeit start reduziert.
Fracht, Steuern, Umweltabgaben & Zoelle “erschweren” den Import zudem.
Aber die Modelle sind so fantastisch, dass wir sie ueberzeugt importieren!

  • All-new model
  • Four (4) different road numbers
  • Two different roof hatch options: Continuous Trough or 3-Trough.
  • Apex (slotted) walkways and coupler
    • Photo-etched stainless steel see-through running board with plastic grab irons
    • Photo-etched stainless steel see-through end crossover platforms
  • Two different end brace and grab variations – see roadname above for specific version
  • Two different “end cage” grab iron and support – see roadname above for specific version
  • Gravity or Gravity-Pneumatic outlets – see roadname above for specific version
  • End shear plates – denoted as appropriate by roadname above
  • Factory-applied ladders with metal rungs
  • Factory-applied trainline pipe
  • Brake plumbing with separate air reservoir amd control valve details plus separately applied wireform plumbing.
  • Handbrakes mounted to stands, end supports, and or end shear plate – see roadname above for specific version
  • Plastic semi-scale standard Type E couplers
  • Highly-detailed Barber S-2 100-ton trucks with finely rendered raised foundry data
  • 36″ machined metal wheels
  • Minimum radius: 10″
  • Recommended radius: 12″

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