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This Bachmann EMD BL2 with DCC is based on one of the first road switchers built. Standing for “Branch Line Locomotive” the BL2 was EMD’s first foray into lighter-duty switching power, with production commencing in 1947. Designed for improved visibility for the engineer during operation, the locomotive was one of the earliest diesels to feature a wide cab and a narrow long hood, allowing for a clearer view when operating reverse movements. With styling cues taken from the streamliners of its time, the BL2 has remained popular with railfans throughout the years. Originally utilized for both freight and passenger duties on secondary lines, examples can still be found in service today, handling excursions and short-line freight runs. The Bachmann BL2 arrives with DCC on Board, featuring new and existing tooling, authentic paint schemes, and directional LED headlights. The Bachmann EMD BL2 diesel is DCC-equipped for sound, speed, direction, and lighting control. This EMD BL2 model features a die cast chassis, directional headlights, and E-Z Mate(R) Mark II magnetic knuckle couplers for reliable operation. It’s designed for operation on 18″ or larger radius curves and Code 70 or larger rail.

True scale and true to life miniature model for adult collectors.
Not suitable for children under 14 years.