MR Video Plus Review Vol. 1

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f you’re looking for the MR Video Plus experience in DVD form, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected some of our favorite episodes of MR Video Plus content from 2013 featuring Cody, Jim, Drew, David, and others, for you to enjoy.

• MRVP promo :30
• Drew’s Trackside Adventures: Montana 12:03
• Cody’s Workshop episode 9 10:10
• History Hediger: HO Auto Train 8:13
• MR Insider: A visit with The General 4:41
• Roundhouse 6: Tony and Neil 11:07
• Layout Visit: The MR&T 7:17
• 3D Track Plan: HO 4 x 8 3:42
• How-To Library: Running the River Job 13:52
• Video Step by Step: Weathering Hoppers 13:27

Approximate Running Time 1:23:00

True scale and true to life miniature model for adult collectors.
Not suitable for children under 14 years.