Southern Pacific Diesel Locomotive Compendium, Vol. 1

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This is a monumental great work that readers of Southern Pacific Historic Diesels have been waiting for! The entire diesel roster of the Southern Pacific and its associates — number by number in comprehensive, understandable detail. It is illustrated with 160 unpublished photographs covering the entire roster, from little orange Plymouth dinkies to twin-engine, 5000-horsepower diesels. This volume covers all the old numbers before the renumbering of 1965. Every event affecting all the locomotives on the rosters of the SP, T&NO, SSW and subsidiaries up to that date is included here. Further, every locomotive that retained its old number after the 1965 renumbering (1000 series switchers, GE 70-tonners, Baldwin/B-L-H Road-Switchers and all passenger and freight cab and B-units) is followed through in this volume to its final disposition, regardless of how late that occurred.

Among other details this book will report for each of 2700 diesel locomotives when a unit was placed in service, builders order number and construction number, specifications and unique SP modifications, date retired and date sold or scrapped and any subsequent owners, if any. Volume 1 includes: Southern Pacific (Pacific Lines) Pre-1965 Numbers; Texas & New Orleans and Cotton Belt; Subsidiary Roads. Vol. 1: Laminated hardbound, 8.5×11, 236 pages, historical text, 160 unpublished b&w photographs with extensive captions, roster information, diagrams, maps, tables, cross-indexes.

True scale and true to life miniature model for adult collectors.
Not suitable for children under 14 years.