Tehachapi Today !

Melvin, George
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Husband and wife team, George and Katherine Melvin have put together an informative and timely book with their fantastic effort “Tehachapi Today!” Taking the reader from Bakersfield, Calif., on up to the Loop, and over to Mojave, Calif., this book, with its all-color images, provides a splendid look into the current-day exploits of BNSF and Union Pacific in the Tehachapi Mountains. Its well-thought-out layout, which features a series of superb aerial photos by photographer Roger W. Snyder, brings to life areas of the mountain that the casual Tehachapi observer often misses. George Melvin’s work as a commercial photographer and his life-long employment in the railroad industry become quite evident as you explore each page and the wealth of information each photo caption contains. I found myself wondering how he was able to determine all of the train symbols for each photo featured. His wife’s training in the art world unfolds as you search the photo bylines. Not content with just shooting trains, Katherine’s photos fill the pages with scenes of mule deer above Tunnel 3 and a red-tailed hawk riding the thermals above Tunnel 1. The authors cover every single area of interest on this twisting, turning rail line.

True scale and true to life miniature model for adult collectors.
Not suitable for children under 14 years.